Thomas Pihale

Thomas was born on october 23rd 1975 in Weißenburg frankonia (near Nuremberg). As a little boy he already was enthused by rock music. His first memories are: he listened and sung to songs like Highway to Hell, Highway Star or Ace of Spades from Motörhead.

At the age of 11 he was at his first Deep Purple concert in Munich´s Olympiahalle, where he was very impressed by Ritchie Blackmore. Finally, it was Ritchie Blackmore that brought him to buy his first Stratocaster and a little Marshall amp at the age of 15 to follow his idol´s footsteps.

Very fast Thomas learned the first Deep Purple and Rainbow riffs and within a few years he became a first class rock guitarist. His first appearances on stage were in a school band playing Deep Purple´s Love conquers all and Metallica´s Enter Sandman.
In 1994 he joined his first band Session. Session was a cover band playing all the classic rock songs from 60´s to 90´s. In those days he already wrote the basic idea of what ended as Black Star on the album.
Thomas stayed in Session until end of 1996 and they played several gigs in their area.
In January 1997 he got a phone call from a band called Shylock which was searching for a lead guitarist at that time. Thomas joined Shylock and stayed for about a year playing some gigs and biker festivals with Shylock´s cover music.
Frustrated from the permanently personal changes in Shylock he decided to pause with playing in a band for a while but again was requested by the band Blind Fate to join them in the same year. As Blind Fate was a band of some good musicians Thomas Pihale decided to join them.
With Blind Fate Thomas had lots of gigs and worked with them until 2002 when the band split.
Thomas at that time already felt unwell as he wanted to start realizing his own ideas instead of playing cover music.
So after the split of Blind Fate the time was right to start a solo project which finally ended up as "Rainstorm Project" with the album "Purple Eyes".

At a concert of Blackmore’s Night in the romantic Rothenburg in 2003, Thomas was so impressed by the performance of the bass player that he asked him immediately if he wanted to join his project. This musician turned out to be no other than producer and songwriter Bob Curiano who had worked with a number of big stars including the Backstreet Boys, Mink/Willy de Ville and Natural. After listening to some of Thomas’ songs Bob was excited and agreed to play bass and coproduce Thomas´ "Rainstorm Project". They recorded the album between January 2004 and February 2006. Beside Bob his former keyboarder from Blind Fate, Tobias Schaedler and a drummer called Heiko Lindenthal were involved in the project.

A perfect singer was found in Henning Schwarzhoff from Cologne whose powerful rock voice fits ideally to the harder rock songs. After multiple attempts Thomas then managed to persuade his sister Sabrina Pihale to sing the ballads on his album. Her great, soft voice had so far only been used in the shower.
Also Andreas Edel, the singer of Blind Fate can be heard on the bonus track "Standing here" which he wrote with Thomas.

For 2007 the release of "Purple Eyes" with all the promo work stands before.

To be continued.